Graduation Days

 Summer is over!

My Journalism BA is completed... 

Life continues!

I've been thinking about ethics a lot recently. About how I want to live my life, my priorities and the foundations for my choices in life. That is what a journalistic internship at a section called "Living Better" should do to you, right? 

I think it's important to do what you think is right. If you don't care, and you continue living in a way that you think is wrong, what's the point? Of course, everything will not happen in a day, but I think it's important to try. To try to recycle, go towards a vegan diet, and keep putting pressure on companies and government to act responsibly etc. To continue to seek knowledge about how the world works and use the knowledge to influence your lifestyle. 

If we don't seek this out, or act accordingly, if you're not trying to be better; what's the point? 

Today was a very nice day. We made fruit smoothies for breakfast. I started doing research on Zambia's mining industry from the 1960s in a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective. We went for a long test ride on electric bicycles. We cooked. We fooled around, played music and had a nap. Took a walk and bought ice cream. Created, socialised, discussed colonialism, laughed and shared skipped Prosecco. 

Cheers to a new part of life.