Divergence European Premier London

I went to the premier of Divergent this weekend. It is the first book to become film out of a trilogy written by Veronica Roth, 25.

The film was great. It was very exciting and the chemistry between the main actors Shailene Woodley and Theo James was so sparky the cinema audience applauded and cheered at their first kiss. 

It is a brilliant film in the young adult genre, taking the dilemmas of that age group to the very extreme. As it is set in a twisted science fiction world of the future where people have to decide which category, of "faction" as they call it, they want to spend their whole lives in, you get an action-packed and intriguing version of the classic bildungsroman story.

I found the film surprising and a bit controversial. I was taken aback at how much beatings the young, female main character takes. And even Kate Winslet, 38, gets a punch and is stabbed with a knife. I get the feeling that "nothing is sacred" in Veronica Roth's story world. The film had me constantly sitting on the edge of my seat with excitement. 

This trilogy was Veronica Roth's debut as an author. "When you're writing in your pyjamas at your parents' house, you don't think anyone will read it", she told me on the red carpet premiere in London. 

The film has already been an absolute success in America and Canada.

I'll upload the video interviews as they come up! Below are my photos. 


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DMN added the strange "zooming" effect in the edit… I'm not sure what I think of it yet. You can decide.

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