Woody Allen Wisdom

When I was in a taxi with a senior broadcaster this week he said: "Sometimes I wish I was a builder." His life was exhausting and exhilarating in double dosage constantly, and he was never able to leave his work from the construction bench in his mind.

Yet his wish to be a builder seems ludicrous.

It would need too much rewiring.

As he spoke on the phone animatedly whilst being driven around the squares and junctions of London, making priority decisions with the vigour and finesse of a slalom skier, it was also evident he was loving the buzz.

I do think we end up where we are meant to stumble into. The production decisions of the day included one personal one too: "Rockets on the bedsheets for the unborn baby, please!"

It reminded me a bit of Annie Hall, one of my favourite films. I like re-watching it every now and then, because every time I do I find I relate to something new.

It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, "hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's a chicken."
Then the doc says, "why don't you turn him in?"
Then the guy says, "I would but I need the eggs."
I guess that's how I feel about relationships. They're totally crazy, irrational, and absurd, but we keep going through it because we need the eggs.

This quote from Annie Hall sums up his thoughts on relationships. For me it sums up most areas of my life. 

We often don't know why we live the way we do, just that we couldn't have it any other way. 

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