Freegan Feature for The Ecologist

The Ecologist published my feature on living as a Freegan in London. (Surviving without using ANY money, that is.)

You find it here.

Maria Evrenos left her wallet at home for a week to discover that even an inexperienced urban forager can survive without money for a week by treasuring other people's trash.


Unknown said...


Nice article, it was the first time I read about 'freeganism'. Its funny (at least for me) how Dr. Davies refers to the standard of living of the Incas as a "poor one". I'm from Peru and I can tell you that their economic model was way more sustainable than the actual one.

About the article, I would like to ask you some questions:

- How's Jim's health after a year as a freegan?
- Do you know any freegan in Latin America?


Maria Evrenos said...

Haha. Thank you! Yes, it's an interesting debate whether or not "less is more" or "more" is simply nicer…

Jim is still eating his sushi from bins… and he is fine and healthy. He says that he has not been at the doctor at any time since.

I don't know anyone in Latin America.. unfortunately! But if you look at internet forums like couch surfing maybe you can find people with alternative lifestyles…

I think freeganism works best in place where there are a lot of rich people and businesses because the more you have, the more likely you are to not worry about throwing away good resources.