The Recruitment Circus

I've had a tough glance into the realities of the journalism career prospects. They demand everything from you, and in the end, you can't even expect to be paid. Not a penny. It's outrageous. Yet it indicates  how much fun and how stimulating it must be once you reach the status of a paid journalist. But it is hard to know.

I haven't given up hope but I also understand what I lack. Being a competent multi-tasker and all-rounder is a requirement, but you also have to excel at something. And working professionally in a broadcasting team means having a role and performing it to a very high standard.

Still, the search for the right publication or context for productions remains a crucial skill that I need to work on. I was initiated on liberal documentaries and if I want to do television I should adopt their stricter, steadier style. But then again, I enjoy the reporting part and should perhaps give up on the technical side and focus on that.

It's clear that school doesn't prepare you for the working life so it's good to "get out there" as far in advance as possible. He seemed to see potential in me which is good. I wonder if I can step it up a notch on my technical skills. Would that require different cameras? (I think so...) We'll see.

And I should have a look at a production company more in line with my interests. To get work experience there. I would love to shadow a camera operator for a day to see how it works; how they direct, what equipment they use, etc.

NOW the next scary adventure: the BBC! I'm happy my supervisor seems nice.

Getting around, pitching stories, asking for work experience EVERYWHERE. The summer has just begun and the rest of my life. I'm very lucky to be as successful as I've been. Being persuasive is a part of journalism isn't it?

I must do my research before I go there... WHO IS WHO and WHAT IS WHAT etc...

My university seems to have put everybody off being a journalist so that's a little less competition at least... !

I hope my English is functional again. Switching languages is harder than I remember it. It's funny I spoke less Swedish in Denmark than I do here...

Life comes as it does...


All Ist Gut

Honey flows in my veins right now. (But I haven't written anything in a while so I need to warm up my fingers with some pointless communication activities...)

It's nice to be obligation-free for a while, working at the bar to put away money for future needs and enjoying myself. Soon enough I'll gravitate to the pressure filled corridors of work experience and university halls; straightening my back to imaginary measuring blocks. What doesn't grow, dies.. (who said that?)

It was a great term in Denmark and I've made friends who's impressions are still making me happy and excited simply knowing that they are somewhere in the world, doin' da' thang. Some following the controversy, stirring up social storms and shaping stories out of dust, some back East starring in musicals on Russia's Broadway and a few restless travellers most likely still in transit, searching, searching, searching.

Best new word learnt this week: seditious: "inciting or causing people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch"

This week unleashed an amazon of complaints directed at my University and especially the journalism department. I agree to a certain extent that organisation is poor and that they struggle to keep up with the speed of change within journalism and its job market. Teachers are guillotined, an exam was dismissed and the third year optional courses were all made unavailable in favour of a new set of unexplored options. The whole department gives impression of a manic washing machine chucking out desperate measures with intense centrifugal force. But let's not get metaphorical. They are doing as well as they can and I wouldn't let my future be decided by them. I hate the way many in my class are playing the blame game and wallowing in self-pity and criticism. If there are two camps, those who do and those who complain...you know where I drill my flag.

Apart from considering what modules to choose for next year I'm generally enjoying myself with runs along the canal, shopping, meeting up with long missed friends and family and dancing to this amazing tune.

On Monday my internship at the BBC starts. I'm excited to see it from the inside but I don't have any smart casual clothes to wear so I need to work on that...