Real talk with Efterklang

Me and two friends interviewed the Danish band Efterklang after their concert in Aarhus. For complete coverage, see my travel blog.


Just let it go

I attended a meditation workshop this week in Aarhus and found another consciousness. It's not as dramatic as it might come across; a bit like some people having really vivid dreams at night that they can remember and live out weird scenarios in and some don't. Either way, you're fine. But if you could chose, you'd rather have another playing field in your mind, right? That's what I thought.

It has been fun to sit trapped inside your head for 20 minutes at a time. Twenty minutes when you strip of all the layers that have been built up during all your previous experiences, your restraints, your fears, your failings, your ego. You create a safe zone of relaxation, guided to by your mantra and the strategy to conduct yourself "Effortlessly, innocently." In this meditation state I found I could experience what really means something to me. Which was both nice and painful. It was also a pleasant feeling to be able to enjoy the stillness when an unimportant notion knocked on your perception doors and you realised you didn't have to open.

What makes it effective for me is that it deals with people on a spiritual level - an emotional level - and does not try to rationalise EVERYTHING. To death. It's almost at the opposite end of the therapeutic spectrum because it's about letting go and accepting feelings and thoughts as you would accept your dog pulling the leash for a pee when you're going for a walk with it. And whenever you feel like your thought has shown itself, instead of blaming your upbringing or drawing pictures of an evil stepfather and go over it over and over, you simply let it go.

There were times when I felt very cynical. It seems an integral part of the meditation culture is to leave room for five different metaphors for each concept introduced. I was even annoyed at times. But that is another important part about your spirit; it's better experienced beyond words.

I'm happy I did the workshop with a group of people I more or less know. I've realised how different our stress systems are. It's cool. It's another factor to look out for in the world. It's something of an aura dipped more or less in adrenalin.

On the last day we set of Chinese lanterns from the beach by the circus. It's beautiful to see them soar as colourful blobs in the sky. Further away and they become stars. But the best part is to feel the heat build up and the energy in the ballon as both you and the ballon fill up in anticipation. And then you...