What our grandparents carry

I've been thinking recently how weird life must feel as you get older. Old people can think back to a time when the whole world was in jeopardy through war, blacks and white separated like water and oil, nuclear extinction a real threat and man's best friend was sometimes his dog but certainly not his laptop. When lip locking between same sex people was a punishable crime and this was the natural state of things. It was not long ago. The same people who probably helped your parents with changing your diapers have changed social attitudes-and similarly thrown away the crap- in a pendulum swing so massive its left me with a resounding bell, vibrating in my head.

And I wonder if it is always the next generations bringing about change or if it is the elders passing on their wisdom. I wonder if it hurts older generations, seeing what the young ones do with their lives as they were born taking the victories of battles such as womens right to vote, free education up to 18 years of age, the abolishment of slavery etc, for granted. Maybe they regard the past as a secret they carry, an unspoken mystery that sippers into their smiles as they watch you fall comfortably back to sleep, with a dry butt.

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