Revelations: Murdoch and Me

Days when you realize something new are usually good days. 

Having Mish over for some more revision I discovered that talking about writing is actually both fun and interesting. (And not cheek-burningly embarrassing.) Reading IS a social activity that I think has been partially lost due to the increase in personal laptops/tablets/smart-phones/ newspaper subscriptions to bachelor pads, etc.

The misconception was probably formed because most of - if not all- my writing takes place in dense solitude at even more anti-social hours. (This text isn't an exception.)

But discussing ideas and formulations with somebody who's writing you respect teaches you a lot. From now on I will try to keep my writing social and unflinchingly flash it to people. After all, in all communication it's in the exchange between us that the magic happens. (Or it gets ugly...but that's another story.)

By writing this cheesy blogpost I will hopefully remember this revelation.

What else amazed me today?

Well, I'll admit that the self-denied "aura" of Mr Murdoch Senior does enchant me. He has his fingers in so many pies, each worth billions of pounds. He's seen as such a powerful influence in British society they were trying to blame him today for determining general elections for his benefit. Pretty amazing in a democratic society...It's a shame though that Mr Murdoch can hide in his cocoon of elder hood.

His facial elasticity is worse off than the breasts of a mother of ten and his eyes are hiding in sub-skin slots in his face. It makes it hard to perceive him as anything but mysterious and especially since he comes off so well trained by his layer, subsequently accused by his opponents for having "Selective Amnesia".

Well, I'm on your team Murdoch, the world needs passionate, on the verge of crazy, "go-getters."

Isn't this the coolest?? Rock n' LOO-ROLL! 

I worked a convenient bar shift from 7-10, had moose stew for dinner and then met up with Mish, Steve, Josie, Conner, Amanda, Jake, Edite and her friend at the Corner bar in Shoreditch.

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