James Murdoch VS. Chimpanzee

There are a lot of scandals emerging from the Phone Hacking Scandal which has unwrapped the procedures and standards of News International and the British press in general. Overlooked though I think is how James Murdoch made his way to the very top of his father's companies despite investigations now revealing him as a absolutly careless and quite stupid executive. As transcripted on the Guardian website:

On News International's payout to Gordon Taylor, sanctioned by James Murdoch

"The size seemed incredible. It still does seem incredible … [James] said he was given a short time, he was given two boxes, which one do you tick? One relatively low, and one infinitely bigger. His advice was to tick the lower one. That's what happened, he was pretty inexperienced at the time, he had only been there a few months, Mr Myler and Mr Crone put it to him."

When are people going to bite the bait on raising the issue of nepotism? You know, even an adopted champanzee can tick boxes...

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