Jack White at HMV Forum

There is a feeling that I think you can relate to. A tingling of gratitude and a sense of being blessed by something you did not except. A force of nature however bad "case of the Mondays" you have, it sweeps everything out of focus and leaves you in awe of it all.

Usually this is the feeling erupting when I encounter snow fall for the first time of the season. Today it was watching Jack White at the HMV Arena.

Since I haven't listened properly to any of Mr White's sonic excursions since The White Stripes, a traditional
concert review would stand on muddy foundations here.

I simply wish to write this to remember how awesome his guitar playing was- how the instrument scqueaked in delight like a masochistic servant in his hands. His distinct voice is so cool, mastering soulful and spiteful, effortlessly.

It was a good mix of old and new songs and there was a fine stage dynamic between the black haired scarecrow (Jack White) and his all female band. The southern american country influences were stronger than in White Stripes or Dead Weather. This band is less of a youth rebellion anthem-machine.

Regardless of a more mature set there is still something about this dude's music that rings my doorbell.

Nice interview with Jack White on BBC radio> Listen here

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