Muppet Sunday

Happy times. I have a new playlist. Things are very unpredictable at the moment...


James Murdoch VS. Chimpanzee

There are a lot of scandals emerging from the Phone Hacking Scandal which has unwrapped the procedures and standards of News International and the British press in general. Overlooked though I think is how James Murdoch made his way to the very top of his father's companies despite investigations now revealing him as a absolutly careless and quite stupid executive. As transcripted on the Guardian website:

On News International's payout to Gordon Taylor, sanctioned by James Murdoch

"The size seemed incredible. It still does seem incredible … [James] said he was given a short time, he was given two boxes, which one do you tick? One relatively low, and one infinitely bigger. His advice was to tick the lower one. That's what happened, he was pretty inexperienced at the time, he had only been there a few months, Mr Myler and Mr Crone put it to him."

When are people going to bite the bait on raising the issue of nepotism? You know, even an adopted champanzee can tick boxes...

Revelations: Murdoch and Me

Days when you realize something new are usually good days. 

Having Mish over for some more revision I discovered that talking about writing is actually both fun and interesting. (And not cheek-burningly embarrassing.) Reading IS a social activity that I think has been partially lost due to the increase in personal laptops/tablets/smart-phones/ newspaper subscriptions to bachelor pads, etc.

The misconception was probably formed because most of - if not all- my writing takes place in dense solitude at even more anti-social hours. (This text isn't an exception.)

But discussing ideas and formulations with somebody who's writing you respect teaches you a lot. From now on I will try to keep my writing social and unflinchingly flash it to people. After all, in all communication it's in the exchange between us that the magic happens. (Or it gets ugly...but that's another story.)

By writing this cheesy blogpost I will hopefully remember this revelation.

What else amazed me today?

Well, I'll admit that the self-denied "aura" of Mr Murdoch Senior does enchant me. He has his fingers in so many pies, each worth billions of pounds. He's seen as such a powerful influence in British society they were trying to blame him today for determining general elections for his benefit. Pretty amazing in a democratic society...It's a shame though that Mr Murdoch can hide in his cocoon of elder hood.

His facial elasticity is worse off than the breasts of a mother of ten and his eyes are hiding in sub-skin slots in his face. It makes it hard to perceive him as anything but mysterious and especially since he comes off so well trained by his layer, subsequently accused by his opponents for having "Selective Amnesia".

Well, I'm on your team Murdoch, the world needs passionate, on the verge of crazy, "go-getters."

Isn't this the coolest?? Rock n' LOO-ROLL! 

I worked a convenient bar shift from 7-10, had moose stew for dinner and then met up with Mish, Steve, Josie, Conner, Amanda, Jake, Edite and her friend at the Corner bar in Shoreditch.


Jack White at HMV Forum

There is a feeling that I think you can relate to. A tingling of gratitude and a sense of being blessed by something you did not except. A force of nature however bad "case of the Mondays" you have, it sweeps everything out of focus and leaves you in awe of it all.

Usually this is the feeling erupting when I encounter snow fall for the first time of the season. Today it was watching Jack White at the HMV Arena.

Since I haven't listened properly to any of Mr White's sonic excursions since The White Stripes, a traditional
concert review would stand on muddy foundations here.

I simply wish to write this to remember how awesome his guitar playing was- how the instrument scqueaked in delight like a masochistic servant in his hands. His distinct voice is so cool, mastering soulful and spiteful, effortlessly.

It was a good mix of old and new songs and there was a fine stage dynamic between the black haired scarecrow (Jack White) and his all female band. The southern american country influences were stronger than in White Stripes or Dead Weather. This band is less of a youth rebellion anthem-machine.

Regardless of a more mature set there is still something about this dude's music that rings my doorbell.

Nice interview with Jack White on BBC radio> Listen here


What our grandparents carry

I've been thinking recently how weird life must feel as you get older. Old people can think back to a time when the whole world was in jeopardy through war, blacks and white separated like water and oil, nuclear extinction a real threat and man's best friend was sometimes his dog but certainly not his laptop. When lip locking between same sex people was a punishable crime and this was the natural state of things. It was not long ago. The same people who probably helped your parents with changing your diapers have changed social attitudes-and similarly thrown away the crap- in a pendulum swing so massive its left me with a resounding bell, vibrating in my head.

And I wonder if it is always the next generations bringing about change or if it is the elders passing on their wisdom. I wonder if it hurts older generations, seeing what the young ones do with their lives as they were born taking the victories of battles such as womens right to vote, free education up to 18 years of age, the abolishment of slavery etc, for granted. Maybe they regard the past as a secret they carry, an unspoken mystery that sippers into their smiles as they watch you fall comfortably back to sleep, with a dry butt.