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Posting some photos makes me feel less like a bore for being in all Friday night, reading for my History of British Media essay. At least the life of John Reith is a plethora of scandals; pedophilia, power struggles, adultery, homosexuality, religion, politics, etc. If you're struggling with the plot of your next feature film, his life is a no-brainer box office home run. Though, you might still have to appoint Michael Fassbender to play the lead.

Tomorrow London's Japanese fetishists are flooding work which is very exciting. I'm hoping to see the very best of manga-styled Harajuku girls and boys. It's also a mingling opportunity and 15 seconds of fame as The Associate Press are coming down to film the event. They're doing a documentary on Japanese culture for Sky.

I'm going to sleep now as I can feel a creeping fit of Photoshop Paranoia tampering with my nerves. A trade show is coming up next week for SP&Co. It would be great to have some larger prints on display then. The photos are improving gradually but I'm not really happy yet.

I'm also still chasing down rooms which is probably my own fault because I end up spending too much time talking to weirdos. Entertaining, unfortunately, but not very productive. Likes such as a 40 year old man from the Caribbean who likes to smoke and play video games. Before that I was bestowed the life story of an Ugandan who enjoys dancing naked in the rain and has a longing for kettle and goats.

This week I have been thinking a bit about honesty. This interview with Johnny Rotten was so funny. Why are we not honest with each other more often? When does a white lie become a watered down, boring compromise? And obviously, the uptightness of the interviewer and the rigid way she sticks to her questions is hilarious.

Pictures are from HERE.

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