Hans Rosling impresses on Newsnight

Statistics have a reputation for being a tool of propaganda, to be misguiding or blatantly untruthful. But now, has this man accomplished something new?

Hans Rosling guested Jeremy Paxman's Newsnight yesterday evening giving testimony for two decades of prosperity developments. He compared wealth and health of the world's countries using this huge, radiant graph making statistics as spectacular as Arne balls*.

Impressive as it was I have a hunch he owes rhetoric to some game show out there, was it from "Vi i femman?" No, with some help from my friend Kim Nordlund, I remembered it was from "Kannan" A children's program on state tv from 1999.
*To indulge in childhood nostalgia, watch Kanan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ4K-BJ4Scs

*Arne Balls:

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