Meet Mr Metaphore

For those who think salty liquorice is a palette combination from hell- you might not enjoy this new Swedish export either: The Serenades.They are a musical duo much of the same recipe: sweet perky melodies and tearful lyrics.

Their first EP ‘Come Home’ has just been released.

The band consists of Markus Krunegård and Adam Olenius, two of the most acknowledged musicians in their homeland, both as solo artists and in bands such as Laakso and Shout out Louds. Hitting their first international tour this week we saw them play at the Slaughtered Lamb in Islington. After a catchy and endearing performance for a crowd of overwhelmingly young blondes we caught Stockholm-based Markus Krunegård, 32, for a chat.

Sitting across us in a blue velvet blazer and a chicken feathered hat he does not share the hunkyness of Alexander Skarsgård -the Viking star of True Blood- but there might still be some similarities. Krunegård is the man who had a massive hit song with “I am a Vampire” in 2008 so we obviously must ask him if the statement is true. “No, but it’s a good metaphor for staying up late, and you have to hurt people to survive. It’s a bad thing but that’s what vampires have to do. They have to suck blood.”

Although claiming to be mortal and of non-cannibalistic diet he does seem to inhabit multiple personas quite easily; as illustrated when we asked him if he’s on Twitter. “No, and I don’t like it. When I was ten and loved Kurt Cobain, I wouldn’t want to know what he had for breakfast. I hate when everyone is like ‘I bought this shit and THEY’RE SO GREAT’”. (he says in a sudden switch of character, voice changing from Nordic understatement into a loud pubertal squeak.

Overall though he gives the impression of a humble moderate and when reminded of the best-dressed male award he received 2010 from a fashion magazine he laughs as if to show that he doesn’t care too much about what he wears. (unlike his Swedish peers) “L-l-l-l Lego! Everyone looks like Lego because everyone has the same pieces. So if someone has a pink bag or Adidas shorts, everyone is like ‘what the fuck?’ It’s such a small country.’”

New Band of the Day
The Serenades were appointed ‘new band of the day’ by The Guardian and their song “Oceans” acknowledged as ‘track of the day’ in Q Magazine, both in early November. However it still feels way too soon to tell if they really are the new flavour of ‘Absolut Pop.’