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Social relationships were strengthened and expanded last weeks and my life gets fuller and more connected daily. I've set up a twitter account so anyrecommendations on who to follow is much appreciated. I attended an art opening at Selfridges taking notes of the vernissage speech, hopefully to use for writing something about it, for practise, since it was a touching example of recent new enterprise models and the efforts in work to ease social stigma and misconceptions.

School is still a bit weird and it's a more secluded craft than I expected it to be, news writing, but it's slowly agreeing with me. It's a different kind of communication that is unnaturally direct and fixed on certain prioritized points; but still tangling the commercial necessity of hauling sales and the condition of complete accuracy. I'm fortunate to have Misch with me though, she makes the journey worth the destination, wherever that might be.
Work has been really good recently because we have such a cool crew working at the moment.

I can't help thinking whether Micheal Moor is extremely well informed and delicate in sensing the current state of the world or if he has shaped the general understanding of our times or neither one of the above? Maybe there is a truth in the model that what happens in America sooner or later strikes in another part of the world? The ties between his arguments and the chain of cause and effect in An Awful Truth and the London riots in august seem to me not too different in their starting point. It even shares commons with Josephssons piece on Backa. Also the whole Occupy Wall street movement is fighting for the opinions put forward in his later film, Capitalism a Love Story, have now also reached the Uk shores, amongst other major cities in Europe. Regardless of what one's views are on that protest movement, even though I must say that after watching The MELTDOWN and finally understanding more about how such a massive economic crisis couldn't be foreseen in a better way, do mainly have sympathy for the movement, it's an optimistic and happy potential peaceful revolution.

If I don't sleep now I might never.
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