Strides of faith

This week term officially leaped into high gear. I finally found the library and borrowed some heavy dust coated books about the very first media barons of Britain. (Summarizing from the first chapter they were mainly a bunch of flamboyant, non-idealistic, mega-ego boozers.) We had our first work shop towards the production of our own 'Question Time' and we have been given our first real assignments. Enjoyable it all would be if I wasn't so concerned at times that by some reason I wouldn't pull through and instead fall flat on my face and end up resenting whichever was more convenient; the course or myself.

Yet, my optimism for an Hollywood ending of succes and glory is intact and there has been very positive experiences too that do not involve my brain trying to decompose all of the content of both The Economist and The New Statesman, regretfully regarding my pink marker pen a stronger asset than my recollection or broader knowledge of current affairs. I've joined the Cheerleading squad!

I've also found a really exciting person on my course who invited me over for some quality hang out time in her brothers garden on Monday. An afternoon of chat, cats, the holy trinity and a bottle of wine, needless to say I had a great time which is to be said also more generally about these recent times. The times of the first fallen gold that singles towards the ground in an air still heated from a not too distant sun, marking the intertwined changing progress of humans and nature that we call autumn.

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