I ought to know

John Munro, from Arandel, wrote in the LittleHampton Gazette on the 13th October an article about Englands debt situation which made me feel like an ignorant push-over. He made an excellent point!

Reveal real figures

HOW much do we owe? If I was in debt, I’d certainly know who to, and by how much – and what I had to do to pay it off. If the nation is in such deep debt, who do we actually owe the money to? And how much? I ought to know, but don’t. If the public knew the figures, that would give us a real target to aim at. We’d have more reason to endure the cuts, to make the necessary sacrifices.Each month we should be told by how much the deficit has been reduced (or gone up). Knowledge gives us power; ignorance leads to apathy.

John Munro

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