Aspirational is my final word to summon up the day as I mould 20 hours of impressions into twelve letters. School was very much business as usual: some necessary tediousness of media law and french grammar; some delightful insight on British Media from the queen of enthusiasm herself, Barbara; an essay in french about the long tail and internets effect on the ideas of gender. A classmate sitting in the other end of the lecture hall today, in responding to a request of telling us what he was thinking, said: "I wasn't thinking, I was listening."

In the evening there was a lecture on "How to break into journalism." I can't say there were any real revelations being made. I'm clinging on to the advice of tenacity, passion, doing it for yourself, lots of practice and getting to know lots of people.

Misch, Misch, Misch is already my journalism idol. Happy birthday! If I was Dumbledore (alive) I would extract our lovely rendez-vous at the pub and put it in the pensive where I could revisit it again but for now I'm at least mummifying it in my blog.

There just isn't enough hours in the day to fit in sleeping...ahh...

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