Slowly easing in

In one way these last two weeks have been pretty plain due to too much time passed on strictly dutiful and honourable occupations such as working, hanging around without spending money and trying to get more deeply acquainted with the British media. I guess the summery is that rolling your thumbs is a cheap past time but will cost you your soul and spirit.

Enough with the self pity and tedious chanting of If I was a rich girl..na nananananananaaa, there has been some pretty dazzling good times too here in the kingdom. I had an outing with my pals The Puzzle gang which ended us up in a remote squat area, being very welcomed in generous hospitality and treated with some Irish folk dance in some strangers home. All ridiculously late after completing a night at Catch and regretfully because of evil hearted, crisp munching guard at Joiners I could not take them in there. Well, I have been watching a silly amount of The Apprentice lately and what's not a good frame of mind but figuring that if I can't get us in to a party I must seek to make us one. So, we found some people waiting for the buss to go home and we tagged along.

Today also brought some delightful experiences to the table. It's been a weekend of Shoreditch Festival and uncompromised by the heavy rain showers I enjoyed two live sets of music and decorative flags. We all like a bit of music and flags don't we? I know I do...You know I do! I've also been to the Shoreditch Farm and patted animals including goats and pigs. But then again it's hard to be impressed when there were three cats in the clothes shop that I visited today. The farm must be inFURRIated for losing unique selling points in the local area...

Last but not least I'm tremendously looking forward to starting school. Not really in a healthy way but in a compulsive, sitting on my hands and rocking front and back trying to control the rushes of adrenaline. I really need to come up with a serious coping plan for getting to the 21 of September with my sanity and lust to live not totally inflated in the meantime.

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