I have my Bacon. I have a job which makes me feel good and where I also feel I make other people happy. Even though the methods are smiling and serving people alcohol it doesn't matter. It's very sociale, active and unpredictable. The other personell are darlings and apart from some moody outlashes I sometimes deserv, and sometimes don't, from the boss I feel very priviliged to have such a giving moneymaking occupation.

My family ( my housemates) life is sweet and an inspiring source of analysis and cuddles. The fact that it is also like a goodie bag of movies, gitarrs and even clothes is definitely some benefits not to be ignored either due to great appretiation. Our room is now finally in order and togheter with our family DJ, Eddie Enfant, we have grand plans of turning our room into a pumping club room. Ed is awicked dj and me and martina have already explored the potentials of dancing/playing/gymnastics/spasming in the room. Unsurprisingly enough we did find it exquisitively AWESOME and perfectly adequate.

We are just getting the hang of going out and gathering adventure points in this city. Last night we got a lift home on the canal, by boat. I learnt how to work a lock and the newfound company learnt he could squeese himself into his boat without using his key. Which by the way was very useful knowledge since the key persisted, in divided state, in the lock of the door.

There was also one night when a guy got so upset over the womaniser skills of his friend that we started to get seriously concerned and fled in a taxi to get home. Before that martina had made out with the turkish GORGEOUS doll and I had had a little jamming session of Smoke on Water with his friend so we were pretty content.

Last weekend we were invited to a countryside escape with the housies. Kent, the garden of England was very pitoresc and we loved its greens and its friendly people. At friday nights German themed house party I ended up sleeping on a fur quilt, wrapped up in the Berlin wall. Saturday morning persisted of fresh eggs from Ed's garden chickens and martina dazzled the english with home baked scones.

Finally, because you never know when i'll manage to put more words down, i'll sprinkle this update with some photos. Enjoy!

Mia Bacon xxxx0