Ramlosa :)

The comforting soft light is radiating solemnly from the laptop since the sun just set behind the opposite building . Not only the light is dim. All my senses are shucked, bruised and boosted. To be honest it's the guys who are causing all the drama. Then again, isn't it always so?

Main themes for drama is retardedness, age or overwhelming psychotic devotion. Top all the above off with cultural and language collisions and you can pretty much understand the minefield where walking. At least we're having a lot of fun.

To get away from the front lines we've been trying some more casual hangouts than clubbing. It's been great I think and it makes this city feel more of a home. It is also because of the sweet atmosphere we have in our flat where we're still spending our time together on the floor with some music and a dish of curry to go around. If only Sourab wouldn't cause so much drama and go the mile with a love poem etc, etc!

Work so far hasn't been very absorbing. Three and a half hours of working the register at a foodcourt in North Sydney is just the way it sounds. It's pretty easy, involves a lot of smiling but not that much money. The last 30 min is washing the dishes with marisha which is always a nice girl chat.

On Monday I start working at an fancy bar down by the harbour. The concept is letting the guests enter a world of cold and funny icefigures for 30 minuts and let them have a drink with absolut vodka. My role is to lead them through this fantastic experience and serve them the drinks. That's right, I'm a bartender!

Lots of love to you all!