Hello Homies

I’ve been Australia now for a week! We’ve been living in a suburb to Sydney called Manly. It’s really a piece of heaven with a great pearly beach, moderate waves, seven great beach volley courses and plenty of options for renting surfboards and taking lessons. Our Hostel is a three minute walk to the beach, the Sydney ferry, the Manly entertainment centre. Bingo!

Due to jetlag and/or fever I’ve had one good night out so far but from what I’ve heard and seen it seems loads of fun here. Any week of the day is fine to make a party day. Considering 90% of the people here seem to be in our shoes I guess it’s not such a wonder. We all want the same things. We want to interact with other people from wherever, preferable as cute and/or as foreign as possible. Our current accommodation is great in this purpose but it is starting to become pretty agitating because I can never find my stuff, it’s rarely available for example changing clothes, the light some days goes off way to early etc. Although there are definitely perks because some of the people are really sweet and it’s such a nice thing to just knock on the room next door to find hang out partners.

My favourite so far is a girl called Emily who is from Vegas. She’s funny and she was a cheerleader in high school so we’ve been doing some gymnastics in the hallway which could explain the back pain I’ve been endlessly trying to rub off. Martina took a shoot at it this morning to both my and Dave’s delight. For me it was because of obvious reasons and for Dave it was because the mirrhdjur didn’t really bother the hassle to put on a top before lending a helping hand. We’ve also been treating our room with sleep talking sessions in different languages.

So we’re staying in the hostel for at least one more week. I am so not done with the beach so I’m very glad. For the record though, I have been to Sydney as well. I liked it! We spent a free night at some old friends from schools’ hostel. It was interesting to see them, but I was very feverish towards the night and of course that kind of ruined it for me. The venue though seemed great. My biggest pleasure was watching all the fabulous outfits! I definitely think people are great dressers in Stockholm but this is much more versatile and unexpected. No more black, black with black. We already invested in a quite mad silver sequin dress. Yay!
On the job hunting we’ve taken the RSA course and I’m finishing my CV right now. Maybe I will go to Sydney tomorrow and look for jobs but the fever needs to be gone then so I don’t go around either goose bumped or sweating like a pig. The recession has made a big impact just recently here but I sleep with my fingers crossed.

That was an informative, maybe not so entertaining, hearing from me! Atleast you know I’m on the outside of any potential crocodiles (trouble, that means) I do miss everybody back home loads.

OSCIS! Joohn traaavoooltaaa... will keep you company! Puuussss

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Kim said...

Åh, saknar er massor! Skönt att ni verkligen verkar ha det bra! Btw, du är SJUKT grym på engelska (jobb kommer inte vara något problem), riktigt underhållande att läsa! Fortsätt uppdatera så ofta du kan, lova det! Ge Mirrhedjuret en kjössh från mig också! Älskar dig Mia!!